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Roblox Blox Fruits Codes – Money, XP Boost and More (February 2024)

Blox Fruits Codes - Money and XP (January 2024)

Blox Fruits in Roblox is like stepping into the epic world of pirates and devil fruits straight out of your favorite anime, “One Piece”! Where you navigate islands, battling fierce foes, and uncovering treasures that would make any pirate captain jealous.
Blox Fruits adds to the Devil Fruits concept, granting unique abilities and powers that set you apart, Like summoning a storm or unleashing fire attacks.
To get your hands on these special abilities you need to redeem special Blox Fruits Codes for [🌊 sea 1][🌊 sea 2][🌊 sea 3].

Here’s a summary of what you can typically get with Blox Fruits codes:

  • Experience boosts These codes temporarily double or triple the amount of experience you earn from defeating enemies, completing quests, and leveling up your skills. This can help you level up faster and unlock new abilities.
  • Beli: Beli is the in-game currency used to purchase items, upgrades, and other in-game content. Blox Fruits codes often give you Beli to help you expand your wardrobe, purchase weapons, or invest in your character’s growth.
  • Stat resets: These codes allow you to reset your character’s stats, which can be useful if you’ve made mistakes in your skill distribution or want to experiment with different builds.
  • In-game titles: These codes give you unique titles to display on your character profile, showing off your achievements or affiliation with certain groups or events.

These codes are typically released by the game developers to celebrate special events, milestones, or collaborations, but worry not, our team has put together a great collection of all Blox Fruits codes that are still active and we are constantly updating it.

What are the newest blox fruit codes?

Update: We are constantly checking and updating the list of Blox fruits codes, no new codes are available at the time of updating this list.
Check again regularly or Bookmark this page using (Ctrl+D) to stay up to date.

Last checked on: February 2nd, 2024 (update 23)

Blox Fruits codes for 2X Experience [🌊 sea 1][🌊 sea 2][🌊 sea 3]

SUB2GAMERROBOT_EXP12x Experience for 30 minutes
Sub2Fer9992x Experience for 20 minutes
Sub2OfficialNoobie2x Experience for 20 minutes
Sub2CaptainMaui2x Experience for 20 minutes
Sub2NoobMaster1232x Experience for 20 minutes
Sub2Daigrock2x Experience for 20 minutes
KittGaming2x Experience for 20 minutes
JCWK2x Experience for 20 minutes
Enyu_is_Pro2x Experience for 20 minutes
TheGreatAce2x Experience for 20 minutes
StarcodeHEO2x Experience for 20 minutes
MagicBUS2x Experience for 20 minutes
Axiore2x Experience for 20 minutes
StrawHatMaine2x Experience for 20 minutes
TantaiGaming2x Experience for 20 minutes
Bluxxy2x Experience for 20 minutes

Blox Fruits codes for Beli [🌊 sea 1]

fudd10$1 Beli
fudd10_V2$2 Beli
Chandler$0 Beli

Blox Fruits Codes for Free State Reset [🌊 sea 3]

KITT_RESETFree Stat Reset
Sub2UncleKizaruFree Stat reset

Blox Fruits Codes for Game Titles [🌊 sea 2] [🌊 sea 3]

BigNews‘BIG NEWS’ in-game title, Code only for [🌊 sea 2] [🌊 sea 3]

Blox Fruits codes for Devil Fruits

There are no active Blox fruits codes for devil fruits at the moment, most of them have expired and are no longer available.
The best way to get free devil fruits codes in Blox Fruits is via using Blox fruits codes for beli to buy the devil fruits or using the XP codes to double the XP to explore the world and have better chances of coming across a spawning fruit.
The most common fruit to find is the Awakening Budda, it has a high spawn rate of 6.66% which makes it easier to find.

Blox Fruits codes for upgrades

There are currently no active Blox fruits codes for upgrades, most of them have expired and are no longer available.

The best way to upgrade your swords and guns is to collect the required materials for upgrading such as Leather and Angel wings and speak to the Blacksmith to manage the upgrades

List of expired codes you should not use

How do I redeem my Blox fruit codes?

How do I redeem my Blox fruits codes

To redeem your Blox Fruits codes, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Blox Fruits game.
  2. Click the small Twitter icon in the bottom left corner of the screen, check the above image for reference
  3. A text box will appear. Enter the Blox Fruits code you wish to redeem and click the “Redeem” button.
  4. If the code is valid, you will receive the corresponding rewards.

When can I get the new upcoming Blox Fruits codes?

The best way to get future Blox Fruits codes is to follow the Blox Fruits social media pages on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. The developers often announce new codes on these platforms. You can also join the Blox Fruits Discord server to get real-time updates on new codes.

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