Does Roblox support Israel?

There are no official statements made by Roblox supporting Israel. Roblox connects a diverse global community, fostering creativity and collaboration. Amidst this global appeal, a pertinent question arises: does Roblox support Israel?

In this article, we will try to analyze and answer this question, without getting involved in the socio and political environments. Starting from the tools and knowledge provided to us as gamers.

Does Roblox support Israel?

Roblox and Its Developers do not explicitly support or oppose any political ideologies or movements, including those related to Israel and There are no official statements made by Roblox supporting Israel. It’s important to keep in mind that Roblox tries to keep a neutral position on the complex political and sociological side. Which creates a safe virtual environment for all players regardless of their background and their political enrollment.

It’s worth mentioning that Roblox is a virtual gameplayer to play and enjoy, once in a while some real-world events may push players to take different positions over specific topics, and Roblox is aware of this, and tries its best to keep the platform neutral and safe for everyone.

Roblox does not officially support Palestine as there are no official statements made by the platform or its developers. As a virtual game, Roblox keeps its distance from all political and ideological conflicts, and creates a safe and neutral environment for players all around the globe, regardless of their background and ideologies.

Though some online games may get involved in real-world conflicts, Roblox is not one of them.

A group of players have chosen to take it to the virtual streets of Roblox and engaged in a massive virtual protest against the current war in Palestine, in support of the Palestine cause.

This protest was created by a player from Malaysia with the name “Cikguzyd” and soon thousands of players joined him in the protest. Players started carrying Palestine flags and items resembling Palestine and walked around on the Palestine map to Protest the war and demand the War in Gaza, Palestine stopped and established a ceasefire.

CNBC reported that one Pro-Palestinian event on Roblox attracted over 275,000 visitors. 

“CNBC confirmed the signage by signing on to the virtual protest area, which has now been visited more than 275,000 times, although Roblox confirmed to CNBC that that count can include multiple visits by one user. Attendees could choose between virtually raising a Palestinian flag, a Malaysian flag or no flag.”


The videos of the Roblox Pro-Palestine protest went viral on TikTok and, formally Twitter, and gathered more than 27 million views and engagements in total.

Roblox in an official statement, shared that they take a neutral position in the current Palestine-Israel conflict and do not support any of the parties officially and expressed its intention to keep the platform safe for players from all backgrounds.

“We are deeply saddened by the horrific tragedy unfolding in Israel and Gaza, and our hearts go out to those who are impacted in the area or who have loved ones, family and friends in the region,”

Roblox spokesperson

Was Roblox Boycott?

Roblox was not affected by the global boycotts of Israeli brands and products by Pro-Palestine protesters.

Amid the military operation by Israel in Palestine, IDF military soldiers were seen carrying McDonald’s meals, Which were offered free of charge by Mcdonald’s to support Israelis, and Starbucks coffee cups on tanks and in their military camps inside Gaza. Which sparked a massive boycott of brands and companies supporting Israel and the military operation in Gaza, including KFC, Pizza Hut, and Burger King

This raises the question, was Robox one of the company’s boycotts, and the answer is No, as there is no current mention of Roblox being boycotted by players.

Which countries support Israel?

5 main countries unconditionally support Israel, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Australia and by support, we mean all kinds of support, including political, financial, and military support.

Countries Supporting Israel
The US
The UK
Countries Supporting Not Supporting Isreal
Arab League

What games support Israel?

Israel’s Foreign Ministry started an online campaign in major video games after the war in Palestine started.

Israel has shared Ads of the military operation citing they are fighting the Palestinians in games like Subway Surfers و Stack and Solitaire: Card Game 2023 which raises serious questions about the intention of these ads, knowing that it’s mainly addressed at teenagers.

In the list below we are sharing Some of these games that are either developed in Israel or supporting it.

Games Developed in Israel
2014 Gaza War in video games
Armed & Delirious
Bingo Blitz
Coin Master
Grime (video game)
In Sound Mind
Jane’s IAF: Israeli Air Force
Jane’s USAF
Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation
Lost in Play
Master of Dimensions
Piposh (2021 video game)
Pirates: Tides of Fortune
Raid: Shadow Legends
Soldiers Inc.
Sparta: War of Empires
The Splatters
Stormfall: Age of War
Temporal (video game)
Terminator Genisys: Future War

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